Justice on Your Side

Justice on Your Side

Righting the Wrong.

With over 80 years of combined experience in Spokane, eastern Washington, and north Idaho, the attorneys at Eymann Allison Jones P.S. stand ready to help when you or a loved one is seriously injured or killed by someone else's carelessness or bad conduct.

All of our attorneys have longstanding ties to Spokane, eastern Washington, and north Idaho. We are all raising families here and understand the tragedy and pain that a catastrophic injury brings. We pride ourselves in hard, honest work for our clients. We do not shy away from tough and challenging cases, and recognize the value of responsible, fair representation to achieve a timely, just result for clients and their families.

Have you or a loved one suffered serious injury? 

Let's talk about it.


We welcome the opportunity to speak privately, at no cost to you. 
Injury claims can quickly become complex and the law has many strict requirements you should know about before proceeding. 

We can answer your questions about the legal process and evaluate your case, at no cost, whether or not you ultimately choose us to help.

A proven track record of results.

We encourage you to speak with us and learn more about the many significant settlements and verdicts our attorneys have achieved in Spokane, eastern Washington, and north Idaho, including:

  • $18 million verdict for nursing home abuse and neglect
  • $11 million settlement in a fatal, earth scorching wildfire
  • $5 million settlement in clergy sex abuse of children
  • $5 million verdict/settlement for sexual exploitation of school students
  • $5.5 million verdict in fatal helicopter crash
  • $5.2 million verdict for medical negligence
  • $6.2 million verdict for employment discrimination
  • $4 million settlement for toxic exposure to workers

In these and many more successful cases representing victims of serious or catastsrophic harm, the attorneys at Eymann Allison Jones P.S. have applied specialized knowledge and experience to bring justice for their clients.

  • A local team for you.

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