John Allison

John Allison


John Allison is a Spokane personal injury attorney helping people hurt through serious car crashes and truck collisions in Spokane, eastern Washington, Coeur d'Alene and north Idaho.

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Survivors of child sexual abuse and exploitation

John was part of a team of attorneys that recovered $166 million for survivors of child sexual abuse by Jesuit priests in Spokane and the inland Northwest.  It is the largest clergy abuse bankruptcy settlement in history.  "Children must be protected from this most vicious harm, and those who suffered need to see their perpetrators held accountable for the harm, to begin and aid their healing," he says.

Those killed or seriously harmed in auto, truck, school bus, or airplane accidents

John Allison has successfully helped many severely injured clients attain fair and significant compensation for the harm they’ve endured. He has particular experience in serious trucking accidents, car accidents, bus accidents, airplane crashes, and helicopter accidents. "When a loved one is seriously injured, the impact is far wider than outsiders will ever know. The whole family is deeply effected, and everyone’s loss needs to be recognized by the justice system."

Neglect and Abuse of the elderly and vulnerable adults in nursing homes

John has represented numerous families with an elderly or vulnerable loved one seriously harmed by neglect or abuse in nursing homes and other adult care facilities. "Our families trust these facilities with their parents and grandparents. They must uphold a very high standard of care, and held to account when they fail."


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